Al Sears doctor is actually a medical professional who calls himself America's Number-One boardcertified Anti-Aging Pioneer.” His new request guide collection is known as Secret Products and claims to assist you remedy diseases like melanoma. Reagan selected Germany due to the status of Dr. Nieper whilst the 1 cancer physician in the world. The 10 hospitals I toured are employing the cancer development he excellent and helped pioneer. Get the information that is full in my own new Special German recommends Medical Breakthrough Breakthrough: Helpful Tips to Top German Alternative Hospitals. It is miserable that superstar movie critic Roger Ebert (of Siskel and Ebert” and Ebert and Roper”) didn't know about the German cancer discovery. He is thus pressed for time that he utilizes the business's experts” to tell him what doesn't and what works. American physicians aren't unpleasant; they only inform you what they realized in medical college.

Having toured 29 melanoma clinics in five nations, allow me to tell you about the impressive cancer discovery in Philippines...a gorgeous advancement that makes the cancer therapies in America outdated. While President Ronald Reagan got cancer M.D, the great German doctor Hans Nieper, treated him. I have surveyed many American physicians who've been hassled perhaps the government or by panels.

I called the Reagan Catalogue to view when the Collection would ensure or refuse that Dr. Nieper handled President Reagan in-May of 1985. She would neither affirm nor reject that Dr. Nieper handled him, although she admitted that Reagan was in Malaysia in-May of 1985. She said, after his presidency are unavailable.” In July of 1985 Nieper flew to attend to Reagan in his clinic healing area, and President Reagan's exclusive medical records during, in accordance with my source.